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 Posted: Mon Apr 18th, 2016 06:25 pm
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Bob R

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The two most challenging parts of building to me are adding details and backdrops. I am at the point where these are the next steps.

Details are difficult in that you have to create a believable scene. The details have to look like they have been there a while and not just set on the layout. In 1/24 scale there is not an abundance of things to buy. Making details takes a while. I look on each as a small individual model and since the layout is small it is manageable. Woodie's Mogollon and Silver City layouts are examples of the standards we should be trying to achieve. I am a long way from reaching that level but will be trying.

Backdrops will be in the future. I want to try photo backdrops but have to find the right scenes to start with. It appears to me the first challenge will be finding scenes that can be photographed from the right angle. We look down on most railroad layouts so the scene needs to have that perspective.

The attached picture is my version of a small ash pit. The I beams are not perfect but since I made them from cardstock I am ok with that.

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