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 Posted: Thu May 5th, 2016 05:31 am
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Yes Ken...the old prices are a hoot. Back then, I bought PFM's HOn3 C&S 2=6-0 for $34.95 and the C&S 2-8-0 for $39.95. An Athearn SW was $14.95 and Athearn "blue box" car kits were $.98 up to about $1.49. What I was getting at was that the old NMRA Bulletin had NO ads, was chock full of neat articles and each month there were printed car sides in N (later), TT, HO, S, and O scales. Now, the rag is full'o' ads and ain't worth a s$%^&. (my opinion). Ya can't go back, just remember what was.

But outhouses, I know where there are a few...out in the boondocks and sticks. And a check on the net shows that there are plans for them in 1:1 scale and even kits for those who want an outside crapper! Oh yes, there are scale model kits for them which cost more that the bill of materials for a real one! Hoo Ha...


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