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 Posted: Sun Jul 10th, 2016 07:16 am
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Using the 'Silhouette Studio' software, the 5 openings to cut in the wall were located.
The '.studio3 file' was sent to the printer.

The printout of the stone wall, the 5 openings and 3 registration marks to guide the optical system, was then glued to the mat.
The mat was introduced into the cutter and the 5 openings were cut.

I now have a layer with the printed stone wall and the 5 openings cut.

The same '.studio3 file' was used to erase the stones and draw the door and 3 windows at the locations where openings were cut.
The arched portal opening was located and the file was printed.
It was sent to the cutter to cut the arched portal.

A third layer was made for the stone details, and those were cut by the same process.

I added a clear styrene layer for the glass window panes.

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