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 Posted: Sun Jul 17th, 2016 08:41 pm
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Herb Kephart

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A word of caution--
I bought a Silhouette Curio through Amazon and it came promptly, last week.  It didn't work---stone cold dead when plugged in. Called Silhouette. endured 30 minutes of the most mind numbing noise while on hold. Finely realized that there was a way to get them to call back, which they did-- two hours later. Talked with a pleasant gal, who didn't know the product very well. She decided to send me a new power cord, including the wall wart. That was over a week ago and still waiting
In the mean time, more testing on my part, makes me think that the cord is OK, the fault is in the unit it's self.

Perhaps by Christmas-----

Herb, who never runs with scissors.

Fix it again, Mr Gates--it still works!"
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