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 Posted: Tue Jul 19th, 2016 05:28 am
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I posted this at NGRM too, I thought it was important to post it here too.

I finally broke down and bought the Gazette Archive on DVD. I was hesitant due to the fairly large expense and since I couldn't get a straight answer on whether I could use the files on my iPad. I did ask Bob Hayden, who sells the archive, by email, if I could transfer the files to the iPad. The answer was 'you can output pages as PDF files'. Well, that's pretty vague, but I thought I could probably do the deed.
The good news is that the magazine issues can be output as PDF files. I was afraid that I would have to assemble each issue as pages, but the process turned out to be quite simple actually.
The magazines are displayed in an application that will install and run only in a Windoze or Mac environment. So, I installed the software. Be careful, the minimum screen resolution is an odd one, larger than older machines max of 1024x768. I didn't notice this limitation and I see no real reason why it would have been done. I suspect the author of the package didn't care about older machines since that resolution would be just fine for magazines. Anyway, after cleaning off an old XP machine and installing, and then discovering that the software didn't work, I read the specs again. An install on my Win8 machine (I hate Win8) I had a working application. I only use the Windoze machine for backups and running my Silhouette cutter.
Opening the application and selecting an issue for viewing (if in full screen display) allows the issue to be opened in a PDF package. The PDF app I use on the machine allows saving the file, so I'm home free. Given enough remaining life-time, I will be able to save all the issues. So far I have saved about 40 of 239 issues.
I then copied the files to a memory card and put that memory card into my Sandisk Media Drive machine. This little magic box allows saving files from the iPad, to the iPad and reading files on the iPad, all while optionally attaching to the internet. Pretty neat technology.
So, I hope this helps someone else with the decision to purchase the Archive. I'm happy with it overall. It would have been much more simple to put a front end on PDF files to begin with, but oh well... at least Mr. Hayden got the job done and we can read ALL the issues conveniently.


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