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 Posted: Mon Aug 22nd, 2016 12:48 pm
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Chriss H

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I've got the Mallory Hope Ferrell book, just ordered the Gilpin book from Hollenbeck, the "The Gilpin Era" book by Abbott and McCoy, they both look good and I had some coupons to use over at Abebooks, so should have them in within a week or two, depending on the media mail speed. The Gilpin Era book was list priced at $85 so anything under $80 is a good deal, I can't imagine they made tons of copies either. I started spending serious money (over $100) on book about 3 years ago, realized they seem to go up in price on certain ones, mostly I buy US coin reference books, and have made some good profit selling duplicates as I come across them. Some of the Rail Road books I see are down right expensive, but I'm not sure there is as big of a market, so I'm only getting books I want to read and keep. Almost pulled the trigger on the DSP&P MC Poor two volume set last week, but I think I'll hold off a bit and find them cheaper. They were listed on eBay for $325.00 the Pictorial book #2 can be had fairly cheaply if you're not looking for the first edition. I've got a copy dated 1976 for under $40.


I'm a Colorado mining district afficianado. Planning a layout in HOn3 based on the Gilpin County area.
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