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 Posted: Thu Aug 25th, 2016 08:11 am
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Chriss H

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I found this web page while looking up some mines I wanted to get photos of for scale modeling and scratchbuilding.

Found some interesting things that I never knew before, there were dredges mining in Colorado, I always thought they primarily ran in Alaska and the Yukon, I never thought they were in the state I grew up in! All my reading on mining in Colorado, I had never seen photos or read about dredges in action there. Most interesting and eye-opening, to me anyways.

I found many good photos here, (though a bit small in size), still many I had never seen before. Might be a good reference to help in better understanding these interesting structures. Along with the mine photos, there are interior shots of mine shafts, tools, stamp and mill machine, and some interesting ore tram units.

Not just Colorado either, this site lists most states and many other countries as well on the home page, but I haven't delved into any others yet.

Just wanted to share this "goldmine" of photos with you all, though some may already know it, it was new to me.


I'm a Colorado mining district afficianado. Planning a layout in HOn3 based on the Gilpin County area.
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