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 Posted: Sat Sep 3rd, 2016 09:40 am
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Hi Helmut F.

I just noticed in the 'General Talk' Forum another rouge-topic has popped-up.
There may still be one or two of these, I have not yet noticed.
I thought I got 'em all.
This topic was probably at the top of it's board when the server-crash happened.

The topic is :-
' Need Help Selecting Scale '

This Thread has lost the ability to create NEW pages... cannot have any NEW posts added to it that will show up.
The NEW post to it today returns an ERROR message.

I'm going to see if the last-post problem can be removed.
But this Thread can't have any NEW posts added now & will have to be LOCKED.

Helmut F. please start another 'Part-2' of your Thread if you wish & continue the conversation.
Your original Thread can still be viewed & linked to in the normal way...
...just nothing further can be added to it.

I'm pretty sure this is the last problem-Thread from the server-crash out there...
...there were only a few.




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