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 Posted: Sat Sep 3rd, 2016 03:10 pm
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I can't remember the exact year at the moment but would have been around the turn of the century Tony. I was only there about 6 months. I have been back a couple of times since when in Brisbane visiting relo's.
I have been in and out of AMRA since the 1970's. This is currently my third period of membership.
Having done some Qld modelling in both HO and S in past years I was able to have some interesting chats with the locals.

Sounds like you have a wide collection of trains Tony. Thanks for the link.

I found the club layout a bit of a mixture at the time. I think the HOn42 track was about to be dismantled. I did visit a couple of other clubs that had a more cohesive approach. One was generic US prototype and the other NSWGR. Both HO.

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