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 Posted: Sun Sep 4th, 2016 03:27 am
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Hi Tony.

Every experience I've had with PhotoBucket ain't good...
...they should have called it PhotoOuthouse, as far as I'm concerned.
Same with a lot of others, I aint even gonna mention.

I have some photos hosted on Google.
It's FREE and FAST, they have their own software called Picasa as well.
It's the only photo-host I would personally recommend.

...the BEST place for photos that are displayed on Freerails-Threads, is here with the thread.
I'm sure you've seen on the Net, threads which say...
Pretty annoying...
...that's outside photo-hosts for you IMO.
(fingers crossed we won't loose ours !)

' Need Help Selecting Scale ' is in the General-Talk Forum near the top of the Home-Page.
Quite a lot of interesting comment there.

Stick to your HO/OO though Tony !!
Take it from me 'rubber-gauging' is the DISEASE of model railroading !
Stick to 1 scale, he says, as he starts messing with 1:12 figures again !!

Robert tells me it's the beginning of spring in Aus. !
Looks like it's the perfect time to rev things up on outdoor railroading.

You haven't got a chance in the cricket though !!




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