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 Posted: Sun Sep 4th, 2016 07:48 am
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Tony M

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Hi Si, yeah that is one of the reasons I quite Photo Bucket, lost a few photos and a friend on anther forum lost all his pics from his US holiday.

I was looking at Google photos before and it is quite easy to upload pics, one problem everyone gets to see them, will give it a go, that way can put a few pics at once.

Yes, I am too far into HO scale now to change to another scale, never get the money I paid for my trains, even though I am at the low end of the hobby.

I do have an old Hornby 0scal clock work tank steamy, want to give it a new least of live ad a coach and power the coach bogies with battery power. My train club has a good mixed garden railway gauges will do a video next time I go which will be next Saturday.

Yeah not a good time for sinus and asthma suffers, the Australian native plants are the worsted for that problem with all the plants flowering, my back and front garden is full of flower, attracts the honey birds.

You will be in autumn now, we hope to get a break from the hot summer, last spring was pretty hot spring, makes a long summer, want to get all the heavy construction of the layout out the way by summer.

Tony from down under

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