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 Posted: Sun Sep 4th, 2016 05:26 pm
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Hi Bob & all.

The photo you saw was posted as an attachment... does not need the Gallery function to appear.

I mailed Herb very-early this morning, about a possible solution to the Gallery not being visible.
I hope that this solution will fix the Gallery problem.
If not, we will continue to investigate the Gallery situation.

Bob, & anyone else looking at this thread.
There are a number of essentially redundant threads around, such as the one Bob posted his question to...
...with support & problem type questions etc.

So that a more focussed & coherent approach to support etc. for members can be given...
...some of these Threads, like the one mentioned, will go, since there is nothing of any use there.
They are just making it difficult for members to get clear support & for it to be given in ONE place.

I'm going to try therefore to focus all support & problem issues in to 1 single main thread...
...which looks like it may well be the now renamed 'FREERAILS FORUM TECHNICAL HELP' Thread, in the READ THIS section, right at the very top of the Home-Page.

It will make it easier to deal with things as they come up & offer better support for users.

Bob, I think the Gallery will be fixed soon.
It has taken a significant amount of head-scratching to see the answer.

However, you should be able to post photos, right now, if you wish...
...using the attachment button, as discussed in some of the above^ few posts.




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