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 Posted: Sun Sep 4th, 2016 06:51 pm
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Tony M

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I have come across a link that I used to use down loading pics to the forum called Photo shank, is in the top 10 free sharing programmes from Google.

Here we go.

The first pic is of the Indian Pacific East Perth interstate station platform and I do have a HO scale version of the loco NR28{Port Augusta}

The second pic is what I am modelling, the reason for the cut piece of ply, is will lift out to become a different station scene

The island platform is a suburban platform and I will be modelling the platform as well

In the second pic that is what the three tracks to the right of the pic is heading into the island platform and the third one is a freight passing loop.

Bingo I am back in business, working well downloading pics, I will quit whike the going is good.

I will still use the browser for larger pics like Google Earth.

I must of deleted the GE pic of East Perth station, will get another one.

On a high, Tony from down under:2t::rah::glad:

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