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 Posted: Wed Sep 7th, 2016 04:22 am
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Tony, you only need a train long enough that it looks right not one that is right.
It might be some years before I get back to Brisbane. Caring takes up quite bit of time, I know.

I am planning to replace my mower and lawn edger with electric models too. The Victa 80V range is my preferred one but it depends how flush I am when it comes time. Same with the car, but I'll have to wait until the current ones wears out. By then I hope there will be plenty of used electric vehicles in the lots :>)

I fly electric sport models and teach some of the locals. You need insurance at most fields to fly, the wings bit can be useful or not. As safety officer at our site I just oversee a newcomer and if they show me they can competently handle their plane they are right to go, otherwise it is onto the buddy box. You learn to fly with trainer aircraft and work your way up to those that require more skill. An electric foamie glider and a free online flight simulator with usb adaptor for your transmitter will see you learn the basics at minimal cost and tears.

Ipswich did have a model railway club at the museum, I assume that is the one that no longer exists.

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