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 Posted: Sat Sep 10th, 2016 05:06 am
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" It just occurred to me that I've never even looked there..."

Hi Lee.

Don't worry you haven't missed much !

It is possible to 'browse' Members Galleries.
But you're WAY better off looking at Members photos in the actual Threads they are part of.
The Gallery-window contains no text, titles etc. for the photos, just thumbnails.

In the time I've been at Freerails, I've 'browsed' a couple of Galleries...
...and just thought, why bother, there's no description of anything shown.

Most peoples Galleries, mine included, just look like a muddle of images, in date-order, as they've been uploaded.
Meaningless !
You can create basic folders in your Gallery, but I haven't, and neither have most others from what I can tell.

The Gallery-window is a square containing 9 thumbnails.
I've got about 1000 photos in mine, in 111 pages, 9 per page.
As you can imagine, clicking through these & being able to actually find anything, is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.
It is nothing like moving & organizing photos in a regular drag & drop window.

Attaching a photo using the button at the bottom of the Posting-window, is really no different.
The only thing being different, is that only 1 photo per Post is attachable.

To me TEN photos per page, is MORE than enough to load & look at in one go...
...if you want to show more than 10 photos, simply start a new Page.

Pages with VAST amounts of photos, take quite some time to load, for many people with 'real-world' speeds & devices...
...and have absolutely no benefit that I can think of, compared to a nice quick loading Page with a sensible number of photos on it.
Pages with VAST numbers of photos per Page IMO are simply annoying !

P.C. users have had no issues that I'm aware of in using the Gallery in the past.
But Mac users with Safari-browsers certainly have, I believe Firefox might be OK on Macs...
...but most Mac users seem to habitually use Safari.

Of course, a lot of Members don't bother using EITHER method, and just use their own favoured photo-host.

Missed anything by not seeing Members Galleries ?

Nope, not really, it's all in their Threads, presented 10x better !



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