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 Posted: Tue Sep 13th, 2016 01:56 am
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Hi Si (sorry, Lord Si of Digital Derailment)

Oversize ?? 
Looks like that stuff they've been laying down for the Trans-European High Speed network,
ugly as hell & all set in concrete.

Interesting photo you posted above (Post No. 11). 
Purely as a semi-informed guess by a Brit,
possibly somewhere near Virginia City or Carson River, NV, judging by the scenery & surface geology.

Not less than 24" I reckon - or one of those 'intermediate' mining gauges around 26" - 28".
Looks to have been well laid & graded, except for too few spikes on an outside curve, but I can see a welded steel tie.
Judging by the state of the ties & railhead, this track may have been relaid not too many years ago.
Somebody did a good job.



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