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 Posted: Tue Sep 13th, 2016 02:08 am
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Could be 'your thing' James judging by your previous Google Earth/ROW search skills.

But has it any real commercial prospects other than for a few deranged historical RR modellers,
not known for willingly spending vast amounts on research ?

British RR Co's used to publish beautifully illustrated printed guides,
for "what to see out of the window" for some major routes,
together with track maps leading on from one page to another.

But today's travellers are mostly too busy fiddling with cell phones or computer games,
to even bother looking out the window.

Let alone have any interest in what they are passing by.
It's called "progress" so they tell me.

That was an interesting little mining short line you found, & excellent photos.

Regards,                    Michael

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