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 Posted: Fri Sep 16th, 2016 09:12 am
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Well I went away for a while to do a lot of reading and research and wait on my stuff to get here.  So I now own a Bachman Big Hauler 10 wheeler (Christmas set), an LGB Porter, A Lionel O *Scale* Mother Hubbard (i.e. Camelback), an O gauge semi-scale Atlas Atlantic, and an S scale AF Atlantic.

I took a couple of pics of the out in the yard to see what size looks best out there.

G scale through S scale 1

G scale through S scale 2

I made them links as they are pretty good size and did not want to mess up the page.

So my wife and I agree, anything from the Camelback and up are good for out in the yard.  One exception is the On30 might look good in an isolated, dedicated area; but then I may as well do that indoors and not have to mess with the extra stuff of non-weather proof equipment.

I am very impressed with the Lionel O Scale Camelback (maybe it is because I just really like the look of the Camelbacks) and the Bachmann On30.  Those locos just look really good.  This is especially true of the Bachmann given the pricing of these.

My pic has a LGB Stainz because a friend let me borrow it for a bit.  My Porter came in the day after I took the pics.

Porter and Stainz 1

Porter and Stainz 2

I am not quite sure the Stainz is 1:22.5 looking at it next to the Big Hauler.  Looks a bit large to me, especially when the Porter is pictured next to it.  Anybody know?

The one thing missing that I would like to see in person is a Piko, USA Trains, Aristocraft, or Marklin.  Overall Marklin is far too pricey for me, but their tinplate-like Maxi line is appealing.  My wife likes the semi-toy look, and that factors in overall.  ;)

So my friend also has a Maxi he is going to loan me so I can add that to the mix and really see how much of a difference there is in 1:32 vs. 1:22.5.

I really do like the Piko and LGB stuff, but I am finding far more used/less expensive LGB.  I am also finding real 1:48 stuff costing more than the 1:29 and 1:22.5 stuff.

Is their quality on par with each other?

With my daughter in the picture (literally and figuratively!), is the LGB stuff more durable/reliable?  I think it is, but not sure.

It seems I may well have come full circle and really am hearing some of the advice that some others have given me and at this point I am leaning more towards 1 gauge and either Piko or LGB.  For my first foray into model railroading the more robust 1 Gauge/G scale stuff may well be better to help prevent disappointment and frustrations.  I am not necessarily giving up on other scales: I would love to do an O scale layout and mix both standard and narrow gauge with a plausible story behind it.  Any thoughts would be welcome, but yes I do realize it is my decision.

The one thing that is killing me is track price!  Even used it is expensive unless I plan to take several months/years to find the good deals to have enough.  Even O gauge is pricey, although that can be found for somewhat less than 1 gauge.

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