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 Posted: Sat Sep 17th, 2016 08:04 pm
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I was just looking (again) at my copy this morning while chugging coffee and "realized" that a nice, early day narrow gauge logging line could be easily built in On30 using Bachmann 0-4-0ts and 0-4-2ts, some homemade disconnect log trucks (again, an easy project), and perhaps some "special" cars. Structures might be just camp cars and a mess car. No real need for a sawmill, just the cutting area. The only real work might be the hundreds (thousands?) of nice trees! One of the 0-4-0t's might have a "dummy" superstructure. Grandt Line made one for O scale or a Hawk cable car kit would work also.
Rough track, link & pin couplers, little locos and cars...what could be better? If I didn't have something to occupy my time now, I would probably build a small logger like those in the book. Hmmm...I have 2 little Porters and several sets of Kadee HO disconnects, and...I gotta quit thinking!

This is a wonderful book, I would advise everyone to get a copy. It just might change some modeling minds.

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