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 Posted: Thu Sep 22nd, 2016 09:43 pm
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Thank you all for your kind thoughts & good wishes.

helmet : So many who know me personally have said "typical, you never do anything by half measure". I,m so experienced at high rise ladder, scaffolding & roofing work but failed the 'Superman' screen test. Guess I forgot to put my pants (underwear) on over outside of trousers (pants).

Fell about 12 - 14 ' off double rise ladder direct onto Tarmac/concrete roadway below.

John, oztrain : unfortunately atelier this the end of my footplate days, I was almost 'age expired' anyway. Yup, some ribs fractured twice - front n back. No more shovelling tons for me.

Si: Madame s almost died of laughing at your diorama !!! Pity no rail track where I landed, watching the trains would have helped passing time until ,ambulance, arrived - 50 mins , faulty stretcher rails blah blah.

Please es use any typos etc, this thing thinks it's spelling is superior to mine.

Regards, Michael from wife's I-thing

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