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 Posted: Sun Sep 25th, 2016 07:11 pm
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Hank Hatchet has now had a bit of a chance to 'play' with the new depressed-flatcar.

The Mysterious Moose Mountain documentalist, Phreddy Photog, was careful as usual, with his cropping, when the new riveted-metal car arrived at the car-shop.
BUFFERS !! have been known to attract comment from some quarters !
Sometimes all four at once !!

Hank Hatchet, the car-shop guy had a plan up his sleeve though, for those cast-iron carbuncles...
...along with a few 'extra' Aces, from last nights 'friendly' card game at the Gold Nugget Saloon !!

Sans it's BUFFERS, some kind of adapting of the diecast-underframe can be worked out.
The San Juan Car Company knuckle-couplers, need securing to the ends.
As it stands, the ride-height requires some work also.
The Trix-Twin standard-trucks are too high & aren't giving the car that 'extra-low' look we are after.

Mysterious Moose Mountains flatcar actually came with quite a nice 'marine-boiler load'...
...made from moulded-ends & embossed-rivet tin-plate wrapper.
I quite like the alternate cable-drum load as well.
Erith, in Kent, is just a few miles from my home !




' Mysterious Moose Mountain ' - 1:35n2 - pt.II

' M:R:W Motor Speedway !!! ' - 1:32 Slotcar Racing Layout
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