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 Posted: Tue Sep 27th, 2016 09:43 pm
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Wow, lovely photo Si. A rubber tyred trolley-bus. The Walsall system (where I lived) held on into the early 60s, I have fond memories (top deck, Sat night, past the 'giggle band') (do I need to explain ?).

All the 'kids' rave about the old gear, now in repro at daft prices. Truth is the AC 20s & 30s were damn awful. If you managed to get them to light up at all, you left them on all gig long incl break time; chances of firing them up again were minimal once hot. Maybe the silver foil valve 'hats' didn't help but we had 'overdrive distortion' yearsahead of the foot-pedal boys.

Cheers, Michael (once nearly famous in my own lifetime)

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