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 Posted: Thu Sep 29th, 2016 04:47 pm
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Having made the foundation of an engine-house a while ago...
...I have also now designed & sized a small turntable for a yard.

I wanted riveted-girder sides for the turntable.
I found the right parts eventually, after a bit of a search.
The Wills 'vari-girder' kit, makes the perfect size & length.

This is another section 'in progress'.
Until I know the 'footprint' of the buildings...
...I can't realistically lay any track.
There is no way they can be added as an after thought.

We gettin' there !!

s l o w l y



This is helping to work out the best benchwork sizes as well.
The track geometry is really specific.
The only way to really know if it's working, is a scale drawing.


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