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 Posted: Sun Oct 2nd, 2016 03:12 pm
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:cb: OK. Lets have a look at the first loco project in this beautiful size. But first you should know some things: The first is the story what was the reason to be a model maker - 6 jears ago the docs diagnosed MS in me (multiple sclerosis - is these the right words?) - an my doc said, Toddy, you have to train your coordination in your hands, cause I lost my right hand - and I am a right hander. So I explore the old hobby of my youth, I builded rc planes and ships and I called a trip express model train my own. So I began with little things, some small dioramas, small buildings and so on. A friend of mine has a garden railway and a h0 railroad ind the deep of his house. And he infected me with Railcillus Giganticus, a very dangerous virus - some of you know what I mean. So I started with the smallest garden railway in Germany (I think) L: . The theme of my railroad is a museum railroad. And there you need some playgrounds for the children, so the idea was, an park railroad in my Gardenrailway. The first trying was in N 1/160 with people in 1/22,5 sitting on it. :Crazy: it looks really funny. I showed that a forum-buddy and he said, that would be great in GN15! ---- What in the hell was that??? I searched it in the www and it was the initial sparkling for what I will do in the next (100) years. :rah: - and now I show you the first loco in GN 15:

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Yours Toddy - RailĀ“n Roll ;)
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