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 Posted: Sat Oct 8th, 2016 01:09 am
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My post over in On30 has helped to bring to light some issues I need to investigate/decide before I really start purchasing a lot of stuff.

I plan to do all/mostly steam depending upon era.  I have been thinking 1880-1900 or 1920-1940 time periods.  Of course if there are other interesting time periods that keeps things simpler, I am good with that especially to start out.

I also need to select an area of the globe.  I think my current motive power says US, or maybe North America - but if I exclude the 4-4-0 American I think Porters were shipped around the world?  Or maybe Australia is a viable option?

My current motive power is one 4-4-0 American and two 0-4-0 Porters for which I will be making/purchasing/bashing tenders.  I really want to add a Climax to the mix, but I might be holding off until I am further down the road and settled with my plans and actually do enjoy model railroading.  ;)

My current intention is to have a fairly flat layout against a cliff (yet to be constructed) with 2-5 mines tunneling into the cliff and producing output that needs to be moved.  The ore will need to go to either a yard for further destinations (with possible crossload to other cards/other RR) or a processing plant with unloading, processing, loading for shipment out.  All owned/started by an angel investor (modern term, that was probably not used in the old days).  Depending upon how things go with construction I might have a tourist/mountain resort on a mountain lake or it can be added later.  That will be my basic layout to start, the area is about 50ft. x 2-4ft. (it varies along the length and depends upon how much granite I might need/want to hack out of the slope).

Future plans are adding a logging operation and to connect/add to the line with a lower valley section with a livestock operation and an interchange at one or both ends (i.e. bridge two other railroads, maybe with a zig zag over the 'mountain' to connect the two other RRs at each end of my line).

It was brought up in my coupler post that there are several things that are dependent upon era, but I am so new that I really do not know what those things are.

Please recall that I am mostly interested in running/operating, not super attention to detail.  However, if those details assist in operating the RR in the manner of the selected time period and are not overly onerous or difficult due to the scale (On30) I am all for it!

Please school me on the operational and equipment considerations I might need to make.  I expect this thread might grow beyond my 'help select a scale' thread!

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