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 Posted: Sat Oct 8th, 2016 08:21 am
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Thanks for the input. I think the livestock idea came from the western cattle drives to the railhead. :)

But I am also trying to work with my landscape, which is quite rocky and barren, except for the GIANT native baccarus (two of them are probably coming out). That is where the mines idea comes in. I have done some research tonight and it seems some minerals went to pit mining right after the turn of the last century, along with foam separation of the minerals from the pulp (are hobbies not great! what you can learn about so many different things). This method was particularly used for copper, and by products that could be obtained were silver and gold and it was also used to keep other unwanted minerals out of the product such as zinc (although zinc was also mined).

So I should decide if I want to model a pit mine or the normal hole in the ground mine that most associate with mining.

More to research!

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