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 Posted: Mon Oct 10th, 2016 08:04 am
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Well you could do a pit mine if you like, all you need is a shovel ;)

I wouldn't fret too much on doing it perfectly in line with history.  There are places such as Cripple Creek, Colorado where underground mines are still used (and was 100% shaft mines before WWII).  Cripple Creek also had both standard and narrow gauge railroads servicing the area.  Think of a really big hill (10 miles across) loaded with gold and silver, and that is Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Then there is Silverton, Colorado, in the San Juans.  Silverton also used shaft mines as opposed to pit mines.  Pit Mines didn't take off until large diesel machinery was being built.  One of the earliest uses of pit mines in the US was Northern Minnesota where the Iron Ore and taconite was all over the northern hills.

So to answer your question, I guess it comes down to what your trains will be hauling and how much space you have.  If you are modeling an Iron ore mine, and you have the space, a pit mine is possible.  But if you are modeling a gold or silver (or coal) mine, you'd be better off building a traditional shaft mine.  I've got photos if you want them, just PM me.

Good Luck!


James W.

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