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 Posted: Tue Oct 11th, 2016 11:25 pm
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Hi Si,

May I suggest you Google -

"Pagosa Junction Railroad Bridge"

"Animas Forks Railroad Bridge"

- scroll through all the separate photos that come up.

These, & others, were replacement bridges because the DRG were running ever heavier trains following the introduction of the K Class locos.
The Pagosa truss bridge replaced the previous trestle that was swept away by heavy flooding.

These bridges were carrying double/triple headed K's and multiple hundred ton consists of up to 90 - 100 cars. Though similar in appearance to yours the girder & riveting sizing is noticeably lighter. So the MMM RR hit pay dirt for a year or so and invested in good 2nd bridge !.

Your latest tank looks great for a water tanker - a mountain top mine will be short of water for sure. Wolfie's lady 'friend' looks a tad too expensive for his wallet.

Regards, Michael

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