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 Posted: Sun Oct 8th, 2006 03:29 am
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Ok I guess it's about time I get around to posting this here right Kalle?? LOL!

Here is how I installed the Tsunami Light Steam sound decoder in my Wiseman converted Shay.

A word of will NOT be able to hide the Tsunami decoder like I did here in the normal Bachman Shay.

I hid it in the conversion kits boiler...just barely at that....there is no possible way to hide it in the factory Shays boiler.

In will most likely need to install it in a tender car or something.

For that I would just go with Digitrax Plug-n-play decoder.

This is just a basic how I did it for a tsunami and you can use it as a guide for installing it in other locos.

This is the decoder in the package.

The first thing I did was remove the trucks from the loco.

Just one screw in the center of the truck.

Now you can see the holes in the chassis for the plug-n-Play speaker from underneath.

You will notice 3 holes where I have already removed the screws from....these hold the tender in place and need to be removed.

The hoes are at 12, 3, and 6 O'clock on the picture.

Now you can remove the tender.

This is the factory chip.

For the Tsunami you need to remove that chip and wire the decoder directly.

You will need a baffle kit and a speaker.

If you buy the P-N-P comes in the kit with it.

This is what the baffle kit looks like....I do not have this exact one but the only differance is mine has 2 more "ears" for the screws to mount it.

The baffle just snaps together but it should be sealed with something to restrict the air flow behind the speaker.

I used Ambroid's Fas'N's a silicone product.

First I used a toothpick and applied the sealant around the ridge in the baffle sides and set the speaker down face down and pressed the baffle onto the speaker intil the speaker slid in.

Then I did the same thing and ran the wires through the cap and sealed that.

For the P-N-P decoder you would attach this mounting ring over the holes and attach that speaker assembly into it.....the one with the
P-N-P decoder would most likely fit too!

This did matter as I did not plan on installing it that way as I wanted the sound to come straight up from the tender.

So I used my Dremmel and a cut off wheel and just shaved that single post off.

Then I test fit the speaker with the tender in place to be sure everything fit did.:rah:

I will be cutting some screen to cover the opening and then attaching bits of split wood on that to hide and protect the speaker and yet, allow the sound to come through.

If I was modeling a coal burner I would use some of the soft black foam over the screen and attach some coal to that.

Some where along the line I must have nicked the pickup wire for the front truck.

We don't want trouble there so I just used a bit of shrink tube to seal that up.

At the time of the install I did not plan on using any of the special FX wires so I wanted to be sure they would not short out on the frame or anything.

So....I first bent the last 1/8 of an inch or so of one of the FX wires......

and then used shrink tube to seal it.

That won't come out unless I cut it out now.

I did the other 2 FX wires the same way.....take no chances....these decoders will fry faster than the blink of an eye if they short out.

i did not take many pictures from here out as the instructions are very clear....I will post a few drawings.

Here is the Tsunami wire diagram and a few nots for the Bachmann Shay.

Note 1. 

The Shay I have has the negative wires marked with a dot of white paint. One dot on the Neg wire right up by the motor..and one on each Neg wire right near the ends of the wires on the will need to unravel the wires and mark the ends so you can connect them properly to the correct wires from the decoder.

Note 2.

The RED right hand railwire is the engineers side and the loco and the BLACK left hand rail is the firemans side.

Note 3. The green function 6 output wire is a special effects wire along with the Brown function 5 output wires.

These are used for special lighting effects and will not be needed if you do not plan to have lights other than the forward lamp.

Note 4.

The shay has pickups on both trucks so you need to solder both the + and - pickup wires together along with the proper wire from the decoder. ( Firemans side pickups to the black...engineers side to the red. )

Thats about it.

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