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 Posted: Tue Nov 1st, 2016 11:45 pm
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W C Greene wrote:
I'll tell you a little story. Years ago, a buddy & I attended an NMRA regional convention and went on a layout tour. We had all sorts of "badges & tags" hanging on our shirts-meaning that we knew how to behave. We went to "the best layout" in the state, one built by rocket scientists and engineers with lots of money thrown in to make it a "masterwork"...something we just had to see. We walked in the door and got confronted by a shriveled little dude who curtly said "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING" and walked away. We did just that, walked away, back to the car. Whatta bunch of jerks! We then went to visit a fellow who had a 5 by 10 On30 layout he was working on inside a screened-in porch. he had probably spent all the money he could on this and it was pretty cool. We stayed there three hours talking and looking at his scratchbuilt structures and RTR locos & cars. This guy was a "master" and didn't tell us he was. we had the best time at his more than made up for the "masterwork" that we didn't see.
Who was the "master" then, the rich, educated dudes who built the best that money could buy or the blacksmith who spent a little and had fun making most of his layout by himself?
Update-The rich guys lost their "lease" and had to take down their toys, the other guy still has his layout and it is still 5 by 10 and runs on the porch.

In all fairness, the 'rich guys' probably had people playing claw machine on their layout before. I've seen it on a NMRA tour in the past, where people you'd assume wouldn't touch stuff were as bad as children. Kind of like how gun accidents are often done by people who should know better (like cops and military people), I've seen some terrible behavior on layout tours from folks who you'd never expect.
But yeah, you never say you're a master at anything. People tell that OF YOU, it's not something you tell of yourself. That's why I disagree with the MMR program as it gives the title to people who jumped through the hoops. Some with the MMR designation simply aren't very good modelers.
As for the porch guy, you called it that he didn't toot his own horn but you thought his work was very good.
I've had a (very) few people visit my layout and try to flatter me with similar phrases, but I disagree with most of them. I don't see myself as a very good modeler because what I build hardly ever turns out like I'd envisioned originally.
But I bet porch guy had much more satisfaction from the hobby as the rich guys. I've known people with really good, massive layouts who just didn't enjoy the hobby all that much.

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