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 Posted: Mon Nov 7th, 2016 05:26 pm
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I wish this thread had been resurrected before we travelled 5,000 miles to check out the Clifton/Morenci area ! We arrived very cold, tired & hungry and somehow missed out on all this lot.

The 'front end loader' that Woodie photo' is a Rocker Shovel Loader. Designed, manufactured and patented by EIMCO (US) they are one of the best bits of mining kit ever invented, saving many hours of back breaking work. The shovel swings up and right over and discharges into a rail mounted tram/tipper/skip towed behind the loader. Powered by compair they are self propelled via a trailing air hose so they can push/pull their own trams behind them though Woodie's example is missing the 'forward-reverse' controls.

Looking at the poster's names makes me think " where are they now ?"; I didn't know Verne was no longer with us.

Regards, Michael

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