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 Posted: Sun Nov 20th, 2016 08:30 am
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Hi Peter.

I used PECO point-motors some years ago.
I operated them with a stud-panel & probe, like you seem to have.
I was powering them with 12 Volt A.C.

I did actually make a 'capacitor discharge unit' for the setup.
My feeling though, was that the rapid discharge of the capacitor...
...was really quite VIOLENT on the mechanism & blades generally !!

With the possibility of coil burn out, quite minimal IMO...
...I scrapped the capacitor discharge unit & went back to 12 Volt A.C.

A side issue is, stud or electrical-switch damage, due to massive D.C. surge.
Something that is not so much the case when using A.C.

You might be better off sticking to what you have in my opinion.
Reducing the operating Voltage of course, is another possible option.




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