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 Posted: Sun Nov 20th, 2016 07:18 pm
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CDUs are sometimes THE solution for balky twin-coil switch machines, especially those made by Märklin. Never have seen any mechanical damage caused by this sort of actuating them, but a lot of burnt coils and meltdowns due to insufficient force ( = current! ) - mainly with AC.
If following proven principles, they give reliable, trouble-free operation. One can even adopt that to DIY motor-driven devices, in brief you charge and discharge the capacitor via the motor. I have seen on a British website that they just linked the throwbar to a cheap DC-motor's shaft and operated it as a stall-motor. You bet that if no pushbuttons are used, you'll burn out the motor sooner or later. But using a capacitor will allow for a SPDT switch as position indicator and risk-free operation.

Regards, H.
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