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 Posted: Fri Nov 25th, 2016 06:03 am
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Hi Peter :wave:

If you downgrade to a C.D.U in the future...
...allow some spare finance for a pair of industrial protection goggles & gauntlets !

The D.C. arcing & sparks flying out of your stud panel could be a serious health & safety issue.
Better safe, than sorry.

It's a good idea as well, to make sure the stud panel is screwed down really firmly.
If the probe gets welded to a stud in the panel, just pull very hard.
Wearing the gauntlets, of course.

If conditions are humid or damp, Wellington boots are a must !
You could be unlucky & get a massive electric-shock from the charged capacitor, should you accidentally touch the probe.
Last time I shorted out a reservoir capacitor, the arc took a big chunk out of my screwdriver !!

Take care.




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