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 Posted: Fri Nov 25th, 2016 07:53 am
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Hi Peter :wave:

It's not so much the Voltage, but the powerful current that could be hazardous.

The Voltage on a C.D.U could be anything you want, depending on what transformer P.S.U you use.
Perhaps anything between 9 Volts & 16 Volts.

The capacitor (depending on it's size) stores & can deliver a fairly hefty charge.
This is what all the talk about burned out switches & welded contacts is all about.

With an A.C. circuit, there is no capacitor, charge is stored within the A.C. transformer.
It simply just doesn't have the capability, to deliver such 'high rushes of energy'.

Peco point-motors & switches are so light-duty & work so smoothly, without friction, this high rush of energy simply isn't needed.
Old vintage stuff like the clunky Marklin & H&Ms I had, are hefty bits of kit, THOSE are the ones that may well NEED use of a C.D.U. to throw them.
I suspect you could easily throw a smooth Peco turnout & solenoid combo, with a simple 9 Volt battery.
Not much danger in one of those.

I'm not suggesting using a battery BTW, just saying.

Best I can explain.




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