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 Posted: Fri Nov 25th, 2016 10:50 pm
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Si has suggested - and as he is not only a Moderator but a Super one at that, who am I to disobey! - that I post information on my first and only On30 layout, Updah Creek. So first a little background. It's been three and a half years in the making to date so by no means a new build so I'll try to show "before and after" images rather than replicate the 309 pages of posts on Narrow Gauge Railway Modelling Online forum and risk boring everybody to death!

Secondly, it's simple imagineering as I'm a Brit and I've never had the privilege of visiting the USA or Australia from which continents any inspirations have been drawn and my knowledge of said territories is limited to what I saw in the Saturday morning movies as a kid back in the 1940s and '50s. Thirdly, I'm not a club person so tend to rely on inspiration and guidance from forum members who are in the main far more knowledgeable than me.

So, on to Updah. I had in my mind a backwoods small town setting with employment from a sawmill, a creek fed by a waterfall and a trestle on a grade crossing the creek. The trains would run on a "roundy-roundy" circuit with a spur leading off to a service, maintenance and refuelling area and to liven up the atmosphere in town it would be staging a Country Music Festival to attract visitors and their purses for the benefit of the local tradespeople.

Resources came from recycling a previous 009 scale layout's baseboards (I had to go up a scale having discovered that eyesight and dexterity do not improve with age!) and the sale of the locos, rolling stock, buildings, little people and some of the electrickery from that. I also discovered the benefits of foam board as a basis of a lightweight baseboard and lucked in on an eBay seller in Cornwall who, as a surfboard maker had a substantial stock of inferior grade 3" thick board he could not use and wanted rid of. This coupled with the seemingly endless supply of relatively inexpensive Bachmann motive power, much of it second hand, ME track, thousands of wooden coffee stirrers for almost no money again from eBay and an existing supply of scenic material got me started.

So without much further planning, building began and started more or less as this.

Stitched1 by slateworks, on Flickr

which moved on to this

Stitched3 by slateworks, on Flickr

which became this

Stitched_001 by slateworks, on Flickr

which is now this.

Panorama 1 by slateworks, on Flickr

As boredom thresholds must have been reached by now, I'll finish this post and see how things go!

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