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 Posted: Sat Nov 26th, 2016 03:21 am
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Hi Helmut :wave:

Yeah ... Your switch is the same as the ones they burned out at Johns club, by the looks of things.

I was using the same 'vintage' design 35 years ago !
In all that time, I've NEVER seen the same push-button switch in any 'professional' product.
I wonder why ?

I mangaed to burn out quite a few, running tiny little N-gauge 0-6-0s !! with 3 car trains !!
Kept replacing the busted ones, untill one day I just got fed up with the agro !
Put a 'proper' switch in then...
...NEVER any trouble again !

Have rebuilt this throttle since, to exorcize the remaining little DEVILS ! :shocked:

As I said earlier, my remaining stock of the buggers, went to landfill a couple of years back.

Worse switch I've ever bought, installed or used.
Just consistently unreliable.
Personally I could never recomend them to any one, for 'serious' use.
They're OK for kids battery projects though, so I found.

Oh well...
...they are certainly CHEAP !
Just keep rippin' out & replacing I guess.
It's what I've seen done when people use them for turnouts as well.

Good luck with yours . . . ;)




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