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 Posted: Sat Nov 26th, 2016 03:37 pm
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I agree that if you run across one of the cheap copies of that switch ( and there are many on sale, here in Germany, too ) they will not function as stated. But I have given these links not without reason - because these are the two brands I've used for years and I've had only two fail mechanically, and that was due to rough handling by the customer. Again, there are many cheap copies of that design on sale - but I pay 0,70€ for the SCI which is really not too expensive - the copies can be had for 0,47€ apiece.
Of course you can burn out any contact by overloading it for a considerable time, but you cannot kill these with a CDU! That's why I use them there.
Oh yes, they need a minimum amount of current to stay functional- so they are definitely NOT suited for electronic uses.
Something I forgot - the SCI and Jameco items are Underwriter's tested, listed and labeled - I bet the crap you dumped wasn't.

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