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 Posted: Sat Nov 26th, 2016 07:06 pm
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Thanks chaps, you're most kind. I hope you think it's justified later on!

I thought that, even though it's possibly too much text and not enough pictures, an introduction to the history of Updah and its characters might be helpful to put various scenes into context. Rummaging around when contemplating the possibilities of the layout I was fortunate to come across some old papers which had a tale to tell and which I share with you below.

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And this is the statue of the town's founder, Anywun Updah, erected as a tribute by his son Phineas (Fings) and supplied and crafted through the generosity of Ken, NevadaBlue of this parish.

c (5) by slateworks, on Flickr

Coming to Updah all the way from Nevada by rail, it arrived beautifully crated complete with its own three legged hoist for loading and unloading and was the scene of an unpacking ceremony overseen by Phineas in front of the town station.

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So the saga begins and more anon!

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