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 Posted: Sun Nov 27th, 2016 04:48 pm
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Thanks John and I'm a bit bent and twisted myself. Mind you, being a grumpy old pensioner I tend to put that down to attitude rather than age!

The Updah family's wealth and the township's employment is largely due to the small sawmill. It's workings are based on a modified and upgraded Ozsteam kit with the surrounding structure built with balsa and wooden coffee stirrers stained with an Indian Ink/IPA brew, Grandt Line NBWs and 0402 SMLED lighting.

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Work tends to go on into the evenings to ensure that there is plenty of lumber to ship out on the next day's train and room for the steady stream of new logs arriving by the same means with "Woody" Pine, the shop foreman, keeping the lads at it

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with the boiler kept topped up.

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Having done their stint for the day, Hatchet and Crashit are allowed to remove the scrag ends and chop and saw them up to make a few extra bucks selling them to the local residents as firewood

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while the rest of the crew adjourn to the mill's canteen and overnight rest shacks (courtesy of Ronnie D of this parish) to be fed and listen to The Blue Grass Boys rehearsing for the Country Music Festival.

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