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 Posted: Wed Dec 14th, 2016 11:05 pm
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Hi Ash.

If you have photos to Post.
The quickest & easiest way to Post them, is using the 'Attachment button', at the bottom of the Freerails 'Reply' window.
The 2nd easiest way to Post them, is to use the Members Gallery, where your photos can also be organized into folders etc.

Personally I would NEVER recommend using an outside Photo host, if your photos can be here at Freerails, where the Thread they belong in is as well.

You only have to look through the net for 5-mins, to see...
On peoples Threads all over the place.

This is the kinda result that is, not always, but often, the result you can end up with, using outside photo hosts.

A photo re-sized to a sensible size, eg. 800x--- 4:3 or 'widescreen' & under 0.5Mb loads quickly for viewers of Freerails Pages.
This is more than can be said for many outside photo hosts.

My personal 'pet hate' in this regard, is 'PhotoBucket', the general speed & reliability of which, I have found to be terrible.
Many outside photo hosts use 'dead space' on 'ancient servers', to store your photos; some even charge you money for the 'service', if you can call it that.

Try the Freerails 'Attachment Button' or 'Members Gallery' first & see how you get on with it.
It's quick, easy, & dare I say, reliable.




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