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 Posted: Sat Jan 7th, 2017 10:59 am
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Hi Jack :wave:

The video can not be uploaded to Freerails directly.

The only practical way to get the video online, is to upload it to 'YouTube' by following their directions.

I would like to help you to Post the photos here yourself, if possible.

1. The photos need to be resized on your computer, to 800-pixels wide ... can you do this ?

2. If you have done this, uploading a photo to Freerails can be done by clicking the 'attachment button' at the bottom of the MAIN 'Reply' window...

...& selecting the 'resized' photo from where it is on your computer, eg. in 'My Documents' perhaps.

3. Once the photo is selected, just hit the Reply button.

Give it a go.

If it doesn't come out right, no worries, we can scrub it ... but chances are, you will upload it OK.

It would be great for you to understand how to Post pix as a Member.

Give it a go, see what happens.

Just click away ! ... The 'secret' is, nothing can go wrong, so just try it out !

Seriously, just go for it.

When you get 'em up here, you'll probably think ... DAMN that was easy ! ;)




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