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 Posted: Sun Feb 5th, 2017 10:56 pm
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Well ... a slightly unusual update on this one ! :Crazy:
You gotta laugh though ...
... else CRY !

I spent quite some time overlaying a grid-pattern in drafting-pen, on a printout I made on 1mm squared-paper of 'The Grand Central Gold Mining Co.' vintage-photograph.
So far so good !

Then... a pure damn chance of FATE !

The finished drawing, along with a less important Ford-A truck pic. both together, slipped down a 0.5mm gap, where one of my kitchen floor cupboards joins the wall !!


I don't know whether to remove the cupboard...
...or start another drawing ?

Bets are 50/50 EVEN at the moment.
I figure BOTH will probably take the same amount of time to achieve.



There's ALWAYS a bit of 'history' to be found behind cupboards & inside sofas !

You'd be AMAZED at what I found recently, when I opened up a vintage Marshall 4x12" guitar loudspeaker-cabinet, with a missing handle & hole in the side !


Back to the drawing board I guess . . . s i g h . . . :f:


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