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 Posted: Sun Feb 12th, 2017 10:21 pm
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Earl Martin authored the article "Challenge of Plausibility" in Railroad Model Craftsman back in the 1970's (?) which promoted the plausible reason for a railroad. In Mr.Martin's case, he had built a wonderful mining layout which had a "mainline" On3 line, a really cool On20 tram (this really influenced me to build On20, which runs on HOn3 gauge), and even an On18 tram. I believe the On20 tram was the "operating feature" of the layout, he scratchbuilt several neat outside frame 0-4-0t's and a bunch of ore cars for the tram. Apparently the On3 line was downplayed and the On20 was the "star".
Now why do I remember this? Probably because it influenced me so much and inspired me to follow his lead. I don't think anybody had On20 then...and from lurking on the Yahoo On20 group, almost nobody is modeling it today.
What has this to do with negativity? Probably not much except that Southpier mentioned the article.
Larry, in my years modeling narrow gauge, I have used the plausible approach until now since I am trying to model a real prototype. HOWEVER, the real SCPA&M was gone by 1907, my "plausible" replica lives on in 1920. Yep, pigs can fly also!


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