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 Posted: Wed Feb 22nd, 2017 06:55 pm
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" I like that "precision clockwork" bit !
Yep, she runs like a Swiss watch or maybe today's analogy would be a Chinese watch."

Howdy Woodie :cb:

You'd like the Tri-ang clockwork steam-kettles for sure !
No nasty track-power to short-circuit, or require yards & yards of wiring.
Runs like a dream over heavily rusted 'Super-4' track as well.
Could be a good candidate for radio-control, although there isn't much room, as the powerful clock-spring fills up the entire boiler !!

No unreliable and hard to get foreign Swiss or Chinese plastic parts either.
Just good ol' fashioned British steel & brass, made just down the road from where I grew up in Kent !
I'm sorry to say Tri-ang never did a Shay though. :f:

- - - - - - -

" Precision: the ample gap between "NO" and "MAYBE"... "

Hi Jose :cool:

Ample gaps are provided 'as standard'.
Especially in the flange-ways ! :shocked:
Tri-ang eliminated all the 'nos and maybes' & just went straight for the YESES !!  Damn fine design ! :brill:

- - - - - - -

" Indeed ! Even just a slice of it for use along the layout edge."

Hi Kitbash :!:

A slice could be possible !
The '13th Street Yard' tracks are  crammed in pretty tight between the old downtown buildings.
Gonna have to work on that idea a bit. L:

- - - - - - -

The Budd Railcar comes complete with authentic GROWLER WHEELS sound system !





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