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 Posted: Sun Feb 26th, 2017 06:51 pm
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The dim glow from a bare 40 Watt bulb in 13th Street Yard office flickered as a GROWLING F-Unit hurtled past at the head of the midnight Transcontinental Express.

Another freezing night in hell, thought the dispatcher.
The yard office window got bust again last night & the sports page taped over the splintered glass wasn't holding up that well.

" Are we supposed to wait up all night while Kephart gets back to us on the R254 approval ? " spat the overworked dispatcher.

The 13th Street Yard Super. had wired through to Pennsylvania earlier, concerning the new R254 overhead electric steeple-cab they wanted to use for special switching duties.

The A.L.Co. could handle most of the tortuously tight curves in the cramped downtown yard.

But the sound of screeching & screaming flanges on the curve to the hopper-dump wasn't just a case of ear ache.

The damn thing was bending the rails off the ties !

" What the hell ! " exclaimed the dispatcher, as the ticker-tape machine on the desk clattered into action.

" This must be Kephart at last ! ... Maybe I can go get some sleep now ! "

. . . I LUV IT !! . . .  Rattled the stream of electrons from the Pennsylvanian traction expert onto the grimy paper strip.

" He must be in a good mood for a change, didn't even mention the buffers ! "

" OK that's it for tonight, let's get the hell outta this wreck ! "

" I'll buy you a cold one at The 4 Aces ... That new Siberian barmaid is HOT ! "

" Yeah ... bout the only one who can stand the temperature round here " shivered the Super.




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