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 Posted: Wed Mar 1st, 2017 03:26 pm
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Hi Helmut :wave:

Do you always shop with GADGET GIRL on eBay ?

GADGET GIRLS prices look a tad high to me.

You could 'loose your shirt' gambling on a GADGET GIRL listing ! ;)

I suppose my $0.00c price-tag was hard to beat though !! :bg:

Sorry Helmut, no '5 Einsteins Award' :brill: :brill: :brill: :brill: :brill: for research this time ! :f:

There do seem to be TWO versions of the stalwart No.8 about.

GADGET GIRL has the mooodern one I think, with all the 'hoop-la'.

Mine I think is possibly an older version of the No.8 which is ratchetless. :shocked:

Perhaps I should have gone with GADGET GIRL after all, instead of scratching around in the dirt looking for precision equipment.

Analogue 'finger torque' is the answer here though, works every time ! ;)

Helmut, Tony, photos of the 'genuine article' to follow, or course.

I did have a spot of bother snapping it on the Motorola.

The lighting could have been better, it is very shinny from all the refurbishment !



Helmut, I think it received a 'light blow' with the ol' ball-pein...

...or maybe Pops & I just twiddled the adjustment screw a smidgin. L:

A feature on the left of GADGET GIRLS eBay model.

It was 40 years ago though.



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