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 Posted: Wed Mar 1st, 2017 11:21 pm
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The paper method described by C. Traub in MR in the 60's -yes, that I recall vivdly and admit that I use it frequently. The paper I use is 0.1mm or ~4 thou. Slide it between bit and workpiece until it just starts to catch, and you know your datum. That ZigZag must be around one or two thou?
Speaking of eggs - when I grew up they only came per dozen or half of it. You could buy them by the 'Schock', too - that was 20 pcs. and stems from the same root as the Swedish word for it: 'Tjugo'. and  Chaucer's 'twentiń°'
Speaking of metrics - I do know the Brits don't like any foreign rulers.

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