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 Posted: Fri Mar 3rd, 2017 02:56 pm
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New Member - I restarted railway modelling about 6 years ago in my early 50s on discovering DCC. I distinctly remember loosing my childhood interest in my early teens when trying my hardest to get the locomotives to start and stop like the real thing … but failing. They probably had 3 pole motors and a very simple controller, but such things were beyond me at the time and I remember thinking ‘What they need is flywheels’.

I then became interested in the real thing and gained some experience of track laying, locomotive restoration and as trainee fireman on the local heritage railway.

Then then started to collect model cars. I stuck to 1:43 scale, and later tried to collect other modes of transport, but many were difficult to find at that scale. I then discovered O gauge was 1:43 scale … excellent! I next found myself at the biggest O scale meeting over here in the UK, Telford, and was over whelmed by 1:43 scale heaven. Eventually I discovered DCC.

The accuracy of movement attainable with DCC, plus the ability to refine it, plus sound, brought back my interest in the hobby. My teenage belief in flywheels still exists though …. and as BIG as possible. I have now converted to BPRC (Battery Powered Radio Control) and the steady power and freedom is absolutely wonderfull. The lack of need to electrify track has encourged me do draw up plans for a layout. The perfect solution would be BPRC DCC, which I know exists over the pond but unfortunately their frequencies are illegal over here so I am using DT (Deltang) and have been a keen follower of the new UK company Protocab for a few years now who I believe has potential for great things, and their proposed products for 2017 confirm that belief.

Some of my quirks: I am attempting to …..

… make 1:43 scale American

… use the smaller scales (even T gauge) to represent the smaller gauges

… make everything move, not just the locomotives

… replace the Hand of God with the Hand of Man i.e. only do what the Hand of scaled Man can do.

… build my layout prototypically i.e. like the scaled folk would build it.


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