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 Posted: Sat Mar 11th, 2017 05:36 am
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Steven B

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Malcom Furlow, started my interest in narr'r gauge.  His San Juan Central was so cool, and I never had been to Colorado.  John Olsen's Mescal Lines was pretty wild, I was too young for John Allen's influence.  
But then I too discovered the NG&SL Gazette.  It still is an incredible magazine.  Here these guys were doing incredible stuff with models and trains.  So many authors have been in that magazine.  It wasn't too long after following Harry Brunk's articles that I went to Colorado and started fanning the C&Sng.  Holy Smokes!  The CO bug bit me.  While all my friends were Rio Grande Southerning and Rio Granding, I was trapping bears.  
 But my heart wasn't really there, even though it was cool, I was and still am a Far Western guy, and I got to meet Boone Morrison who was modeling my back yard where I grew up.  Deal me in, his research and building of Marshal was just what I needed to fire me up.  I was still stuck in Nevada though, it has always been my mistress.  One scene on my new railroad will be Brown's Canyon Trestle outside of Occidental, CA where Boone and a few of us visited.  So it's not in Nevada, but it is a very cool scene. 
All of these guys got me to where I am today.
I still look at these guys and think, I sure hope that I can do what they did with what I love.  I must also confess that there are a number of guys on this forum that I look forward to new posts from.  There is quite a bit of artistic talent here and I am grateful that I found this forum!  Y'all keep posting and keep my imagination fed please!

Steven B.
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